'Pakistani forces encroaching on Afghan land'

'Pakistani forces encroaching on Afghan land'

Agency News

Kabul, Jun 9 : Residents of Afghanistan's frontier Kunar province have accused Pakistani forces of encroaching on Afghan land and putting up installations along the Durand Line.

Kunar residents alleged that most of these encroachments have been put up at the Khas Kunar and Sarkano districts of the province, which are located along the Durand Line. Tolonews quoted a member of Kunar's provincial council Din Mohammad Safi saying that Pakistani forces entered Afghani territory and built their installations and fences under the pretext of building joint bases for Afghan, US and Pakistani forces to conduct joint operations against enemies.

The residents of Sarkano district have pointed out at least 10 parts of the district where, where they said Pakistani forces have built fences, leaving families stranded on either side of the line. (UNI)