Germany continues to report less COVID-19 infections

Germany continues to report less COVID-19 infections

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Berlin, Jun 9 : New infections with COVID-19 in Germany remained just under last week's average and increased by 350 within one day to 184,543, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) said on Tuesday.

The number of people currently infected with COVID-19 in the country declined as well and stood at around 14,340 today, as the estimated number of people who had already recovered increased by around 600 within one day to 170,200, according to the RKI. The number of deaths from COVID-19 in Germany increased by 37 to 8,711, according to the RKI. The fatality rate of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Germany remained unchanged at 4.7 percent. The reproduction rate (R-number) remained slightly above the critical mark of one and stood at 1.1, according to the daily situation report by the RKI for Monday.

Following a series of infections in the district of Goettingen after family celebrations, the city announced on Monday that the benchmark of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within the last seven days was not reached. Despite the gradual easing of COVID-19 restrictions in Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel and Germany's states agreed to keep an emergency mechanism which would require states to assess and possibly reintroduce measures in case the benchmark was exceeded.

"There is still no reason to sound the all-clear," emphasized Petra Broistedt, head of the department of social affairs and head of the staff for extraordinary events of Goettingen, who added that further developments would affect whether additional measures need to be taken. At the global and the national level, the RKI stressed that the situation remained "very dynamic" although the number of newly reported cases was decreasing. The risk to the health of the German population was still high and even very high for people in risk groups. (UNI)