Hong Kong marks historic Tiananmen anniversary

Hong Kong marks historic Tiananmen anniversary

Agency News

Beijing June 4 : The Hong Kong citizens are finding out ways to mark the Tiananmen Square massacre that shook the entire world in June 1989. The government has restricted the movement of peoples in the territory amid on going protest over Beijing's new controversial security law that aimed at lowering the democratic status of Hong Kong. Before this year, The Tiananmen square used to witness thousands of people to mark the anniversary but this year police told the media that as much as 3000 troops has been deployed to stop any possible commemorations.

BBC reported It was in April 1989 when pro democracy protesters went on the streets of Hong Kong and the largest political demonstration in China started. In order to crush the 6 week long protest, on the night of 3 June 1989 China moved the tanks and troops and opened fire , killing and injuring thousands of unarmed protesters around the square. (UNI)