Coronavirus is not affected by heat: Netanyahu to citizens

Coronavirus is not affected by heat: Netanyahu to citizens

Agency News

Tel Aviv, May 31 : Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has advised citizens to refrain from resorting to unscientific activities in the hope of warding off the Coronavirus.

Netanyahu was particularly critical of the fact that several Israelis in hordes have started sunbathing in the beaches believing that the heat would be effective in warding off the virus. 'Times of Israel' quoted Netanyahu's televised address on Saturday where he declared that the virus “is not affected at all by the climate” as he criticized people for sunbathing in numbers thinking that it would kill the virus.

To emphasise his point Netanyahu gave the example of countries like Brazil, India, Mexico, Iran, Turkey and Egypt all of whom have been adversely impacted by the virus despite having warm weather. He gave the example of Belgium and Sweden to stress that the virus is equally potent in colder climes.

Netanyahu warned the people, stating that it is wrong to believe that the worst is behind us saying that "Until a vaccine is found, we are on a long journey adjacent to an abyss". Israel has seen cases going up in recent days, as the government rolled back many of the restrictions put in place to check the spread of the pandemic.

A Jerusalem high school has emerged as a hot spot of infections, as more than 100 students and staff tested positive. He emphasised the need for Israeli citizens to continue abiding by social-distancing restrictions and expressed satisfaction that Israel been able to keep fatality low till now. In Israel, till today 284 people have succumbed to COVID-19. (UNI)