Trump escalates US-China conflict with new sanctions, measures

Trump escalates US-China conflict with new sanctions, measures

Agency News

Washington, May 30 : US president Donald Trump on Saturday announced that he has directed his administration to eliminate the special treatment for Hong Kong after Beijing announced its new security legislation for the region.

Trump said he has directed his administration to begin the process of eliminating policy agreements on Hong Kong, ranging from extradition treatment to export controls. He said he would also issue a proclamation to better safeguard vital university research by suspending the entry of foreign nationals from China identified as potential security risks - a move believed to be aimed at Chinese graduate students studying in the US, a CNN report said.

Trump made the announcement at a White House news conference on Saturday, saying Beijing had broken its word over Hong Kong's autonomy. He said its move was a "tragedy" for the people of Hong Kong, China and the world. "We will take action to revoke Hong Kong's preferential treatment," he said, adding that Washington would also impose sanctions on individuals seen as responsible for smothering Hong Kong's autonomy.

The moves come after China forged ahead with plans to impose new national security legislation and after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the territory no longer warrants special treatment under US law that has enabled it to remain a global financial centre. On Saturday morning, Hong Kong's pro-Beijing justice secretary Teresa Cheng condemned Trump's threat to strip the territory of its special status. (UNI)