Trump threatens strike on Afghan ‘like never before’ if needed

Trump threatens strike on Afghan ‘like never before’ if needed

Agency News

Washington, May 27 : US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that it was time to pull out the US forces from Afghanistan, alongside threatening to strike "like never before" in case something went wrong. "We are acting as a police force, not the fighting force that we are, in Afghanistan. After 19 years, it is time for them to police their own country," Mr Trump said via Twitter.

"Bring our soldiers back home but closely watch what is going on and strike with a thunder like never before, if necessary!" Mr Trump on Tuesday said that the US can return to Afghanistan if the need arises after it withdraws its forces from the country. The US president said he did not have a timetable yet when American troops will be able to withdraw completely from Afghanistan, but clarified that there are less than 8,000 US troops left in the war-torn country. On February 29, the United States and the Taliban signed a peace agreement following months of negotiations. The peace deal came on the heels of a pact to reduce violence between the Taliban and the Afghan government.

The agreement's main premises are the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan as a precondition for the beginning of intra-Afghan peace talks and Taliban's assurances to not support terrorist groups. (UNI)