Pompeii in Italy reopens for visitors

Agency News

Rome, May 26 : The Italian government reopened Pompeii- the world famous archeological site for the general public on Tuesday, as the government rolls back lockdown measures imposed to control the transmission of the Coronavirus. Pompeii is Italy's second most visited site after the Colosseum of Rome. Situated in southern Italy's Campania region, this ancient city was buried under ash after an eruption of the nearby situated Mount Vesuvius in 79AD.

As per a report by France 24 Pompeii had attracted as many as four million visitors in 2019 and had just completed a Euro 104 million restoration work when the Covid-19 pandemic struck Italy. The site remained closed to the public since March, just like other cultural sites and museums. Italian government would allow visits from foreign tourists from June onwards. (UNI)