Hong Kong drivers resort to 'Slow-Down Protest'

Hong Kong drivers resort to 'Slow-Down Protest'

Agency News

Hong Kong, May 27 : Several drivers in Hong Kong resorted to blocking traffic at the exit of a city center tunnel in what is being termed as the "slow-down protest", Regional government said on Wednesday. This latest form of protest comes amid several days of unrest in the nation as the Communist government of China proposed a new security legislation.

The protest took place at the Cross-Harbour Tunnel at around 8.30 am today (May 27) [00:30 GMT], some drivers staged a slow-drive protest at the Hong Kong Island exit of the CrossHarbour Tunnel, causing serious obstruction to traffic, Sputnik reported. Police officers swiftly attended the scene to intercept the vehicles concerned and diverted traffic in an effort to maintain road safety for commuters and students.

Local media reported that people dumped trash on the roads to disrupt traffic. Police reportedly found nails among the debris placed by protesters on the roads.

The regional authorities urged citizens to desist from causing disturbances on roads and warned perpetrators that they would be arrested if they don't pay heed to the warnings. UNI