WHO praises China on virus drug

WHO praises China on virus drug

S. Sivadas

S. Sivadas

The World Health Organisation has once again praised China for helping in the process of identifying the cause and origin of the deadly coronavirus outbreak that was reported in the country’s Hubei province over five months ago and continues to ravage through the rest of the world.

The global health watchdog appreciated the country’s contribution in working with the international scientific community in helping invent a drug to combat the deadly virus that broke out in Wuhan in December.

'We’ve been in discussions day-to-day with our colleagues in China about putting together the necessary scientific inquiries into the origin of the virus,' Dr. Michael Ryan, executive director of WHO Health Emergencies Programme, said during a media address in Geneva on Monday.

The WHO, much to the chagrin of its biggest funder – the US, has praised China on several occasions in the past, especially after the US President, Mr. Donald Trump, publicly slammed China for 'hiding' the outbreak.

'I think the authorities in China, governments around the world and we are very keen to understand the animal origin of the virus itself. And I am very pleased to hear a very consistent message coming from China, which is one of openness to such an approach,' the WHO official added.

Dr. Ryan added, 'I think we will be very pleased to continue those discussions. I don't believe there is a date yet for a scientific mission, but we will be looking forward to doing that as soon as possible and with the right mix of scientific experts from a multinational perspective to join such a team.”

Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, technical lead for Covid-19 on WHO Health Emergencies Programme, said, 'We have been in regular contact with our colleagues in China and they have all the expertise in the country to do this. We welcome the opportunity to work with them and with the international community, to really understand the virus' origins'.