Covid-19: Cases linked to Itaewon clubs continue to rise

Covid-19: Cases linked to Itaewon clubs continue to rise

Agency News

Seoul, May 11 : The number of new Covid-19 cases linked to clubs and bars of Seoul's Itaewon district has climbed to 79, health authorities said on Monday. Seoul's Itaewon district is known for its nightlife, a large number of infections at the Itaewon cluster were discovered on Wednesday, and discovery of this cluster presents a challenge to the country's policy of easing social distancing rules.

South Korean authorities have urged those who visited clubs and bars of the district to get themselves tested. Yonhap news agency quoted the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters asking all visitors to Itaewon clubs between April 24-May 6 to get themselves tested and to refrain from contacting others. Seoul's Mayor Park Won-soon announced that the visitors to the clubs and bars during that duration would be provided free testing in a bid to ensure that each one of the visitors are tested.

He confirmed that among the 5,517 registered people on the visitor's logs 2,405 have been contacted by the authorities and the testing has started, but 3,112 others are yet to be contacted. The far eastern nation registered 35 more Covid-19 cases on Monday which is the biggest single day rise since April 9. Total number of cases in the country since the start of the pandemic has reached 10,909. Total number of people who have recovered till date stands at 9,632, while 256 people have lost their lives due to the pandemic. (UNI)