B'desh army helps farmers amid coronavirus pandemic

B'desh army helps farmers amid coronavirus pandemic

Agency News

Dhaka, May 10: When vegetables growers of Kushtia district were passing days in great worries about marketing of their produce, the army came forward to give them relief to some extent by buying vegetable directly from the field. During a recent visit to Bittipara, Laxmipur and Sheikhpara wholesale markets, the correspondent found that though the wholesale buyers are being profited, the marginal farmers are counting losses.

The wholesale buyers come to the markets from Dhaka and collect vegetable. Due to the coronavirus crisis, there is no option for farmers in the region but to sell vegetables to wholesalers at low prices. Sources say around 200-250 maunds of eggplant come to the wholesale vegetable markets of Kushtia every day. Local storekeepers and retailers buy a portion of these vegetables.

However, the major portion of the vegetables goes to the vegetable market in Kawranbazar. Eggplant is being sold at a maximum price of Tk 20 per kg in wholesale market. But the same eggplant is being sold at different local markets of Kushtia at the price of Tk 60 per kg. Meanwhile, cucumbers are being sold at a maximum price of Tk 20-25 per kg in the wholesale market. Before the coronavirus crisis, the wholesale price of cucumber was Tk 30 per kg. At present, the retail price of cucumber at the local markets is Tk 35-40 per kg. Besides, the price of chilli has dropped more than before. As a result, though the wholesalers and middlemen are being benefitted, there is no profit for marginal farmers. Razzak Mandal, a wholesaler in Bittipara Bazar, said the vegetable market is now sliding.(UNI)