Coronavirus will be burnt to ashes within 100 hours: Dr Moosa

Coronavirus will be burnt to ashes within 100 hours: Dr Moosa

Agency News

Dhaka, May 4 : The world's leading arms dealer and Internationally renowned businessman Dr Moosa bin Shamsher has stated that the Novel Coronavirus will be burned to ashes within 100 hours, if their suggestions are heeded.

In a recent letter to US President Donald Trump, he said nothing can save this world at this crucial time. Covid-19 is moving faster as an invisible spirit to destroy the total human civilisation. Terming corona as more dreadful than lethal weapons, he said, at this time the world’s scientists specially the famous scientists of NASA must come forward. Otherwise, human civilisation will face extinction at the end of 2020.

Worldwide lockdown system is not at all a generous idea, he said. Dr Moosa and his long time business partner world's most notorious arms dealer Adnan M Kashoggi have helped many nations to stand on their own feet by modernizing their defence systems. Adnan Kashoggi has made North Korea and Iran the most nuclear powerful countries in the world. Dr Moosa says with full confidence that NASA can develop thick smoke by nuclear/uranium dust together with celfar dust and spread this smoke by American Air Force fighter plane from maximum 10,000 feet above all over the world.

Scientists may add some other components to avoid human health hazards. The world leaders do not have any idea as to how corona patients are cured and those returned home from hospitals will be affected again and will die instantly. So, the world leaders should implement the suggestions of Dr Moosa. no other medicine can save this world from this dangerous invisible spirit called coronavirus. The world leaders must know that American and European sky have already been contaminated. If the world leaders fail to implement his advice, the doom day is imminent, he observed. He called on the US President to respond quickly, saying that he (US President) is only a superpower, who can act like a god to save this world and humanity. (UNI)