Five Eyes intelligence accuses China of Corona cover-up

Five Eyes intelligence accuses China of Corona cover-up

Agency News

Canberra, May 3 : "Five Eyes", which is an intelligence alliance of five countries - United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand- has accused China of willfully concealing information about the Novel Coronavirus outbreak.

Australian newspaper 'The Saturday Telegraph' quoted the anglophone alliance's 15-page dossier, in which China has been accused of destroying virus samples. According to the newspaper, the document charges China for "suppression and destruction of evidence" pointing out several indiscretions, including destruction of virus samples at genomic labs, not publicly sharing genome sequencing, and keeping data on asymptomatic 'silent carriers' a secret.

The newspaper also stated that the document, which it was able to acquire, makes accusations that the Chinese government refused to provide live samples to the international community for development of vaccines and silenced doctors who spoke out. The dossier declares that lack of transparency on part of the Chinese led to the ''endangerment of other countries,'' costing tens of thousands of lives. (UNI)