Iran condemns Germany for banning Hezbollah

Iran condemns Germany for banning Hezbollah

Agency News

Tehran, May 1: Iran's Foreign Ministry on Friday came down heavily on Germany for banning Lebanese Islamic organisation Hezbollah and designating it as a "terrorist organization." Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi termed the German government's decision against Hezbollah to be in accordance with Israeli and US interests and regardless of the realities of the West Asian region.

Mousavi, as quoted by Iranian news agency IRNA, labelled the banning of the outfit as an insult to the Lebanese nation as the Hezbollah is a part of the country's government and parliament enjoying electoral support among the citizens. Mosavi also emphasised that the Hezbollah had played an important role against the Daesh (ISIS).

German government had on Thursday announced its decision to ban Shia militant organisation, Hezbollah, making all its activities illegal on German soil. Hezbollah is a Lebanese Shia organisation having a political and a militant wing. Almost 10 per cent of Lebanese parliamentarians are from this outfit. It is close to Iran and believed to be a major supplier of arms to Lebanese. (UNI)