Korea's portable testing booths in high demand

Korea's portable testing booths in high demand

Agency News

Seoul, Apr 27: The portable 'walk through' Coronavirus booths are gaining popularity in South Korea besides drawing interest from several other countries.

The effectiveness of these booths lie in the fact that the medical practitioners don't need to work under multiple layers of protective gear as they need to do inside negative pressured tents. The testing booth is positively pressured to keep the inside contamination-free, which facilitates hassle free work saving a lot of time and energy of the medical professionals and making possible more tests. Dr Ahn Yeo-hyun, the co-founder of the testing booth told the Korea Herald newspaper that a medical face mask is the only protection a medical practitioner needs inside the booth which makes the job simpler and less time consuming.

Disinfection, which inside a negatively pressured tent takes 40 minutes to an hour is completed in about five minutes inside the booth. These booths measure one meter in length and width and stand 2.5 meters high and weigh 230 kgs, these are portable and have fixable wheels at the bottom.The portable booths are reportedly highly cost-effective as they are priced half as much as a negative-pressure medical tent. These portable booths are now being extensively used across the far eastern nation, including the Jeju International Airport and National Medical Center.

These testing booths are so useful and convenient that these are currently being exported to several countries including Japan, Italy, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines with more inquiries coming in from other countries. The booth has been jointly developed by Korea Kiyon and Dr Ahn Yeo-hyun, who works at a public health centre in Busan. Korea Kiyon also recently donated two such booths to the Italian Red Cross. Besides saving time, energy, increasing the possibility of testing more people using this booth for screening saves a lot of medical wastage as the booth requires protective equipment. Another unique feature of the booth is that its air system can alternate between positive and negative pressures. (UNI)