World’s supplier of Nurses, Philippines suffer

World’s supplier of Nurses, Philippines suffer

Agency News

The Philippines which produces around 26,000 nurses annually is suffering from Covid 19 infections and spike in death toll at home.

The islands’ death toll from Covid-19 has surged nearly fivefold since April 1 to 462, and the confirmed cases have tripled to 6,981 as of April 23. Philippines is the country which supplies nurses all over world. About 150,000 Filipino nurses currently work in the U.S. alone.

Right now, to contain the disease, the country is on an extended lockdown until May 15. With more Filipinos becoming sick across the world, the consequences of a medical brain drain are weighing on the health-care industry. There is an estimated shortage of 23,000 nurses nationwide, according to the Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines Inc.

Thought the country produces an annual average of about 26,000 licensed nurses but about 18,500 moved abroad each year during the same period, according to government data.