New York City death toll touches 16,388

New York City death toll touches 16,388

Agency News

As deaths in New York City from COVID-19 has reached 16,388, a study has shown that at least one in five persons or 1.9 million there may have had the disease.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Thursday that based on sample anti-body tests the study concluded that 22.1 per cent of the city's 8.6 million residents had had COVID-19.

That would work out to 1.9 million, although officially only 263,460 confirmed cases have been reported. The discrepancy points to about 1.5 million having had a milder attack or not having any symptoms or not sought treatment or testing.

A significant outcome of the study is that the death rate from the disease is much lower than the 6 per cent with the lower number of officially reported cases coming down to about 0.5 per cent using the higher number of cases from the study.