Italy’s small stores reopen after virus lockdown

Italy’s small stores reopen after virus lockdown

Agency News

Many small stores such as booksellers, stationers and artisan businesses have started to re-open their doors in Italy after more than 25,000 lost their lives due to Covid19 pandemic.

The opening of shutters has brought back hope that the businesses can get back life to normal.

Nationwide restrictions on public life and businesses have been tough on many small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in Italy, many of which are family-owned and passed down the generations, often weathering turbulent periods in the economy.

After Covid-19, business owners know it could take a long time for their businesses, and shopping habits, to get back to normal.

Aside from their importance as family enterprises, Italy’s SMEs are seen by many as the economic backbone of the country as SMEs generate 66.9% of the overall value added in the Italy’s “non-financial business economy.

Italy has been the epicenter of Europe’s pandemic, with over 187,000 confirmed cases of the virus, as of Wednesday, and over 25,000 deaths.