Pakistan doctors beaten by police for asking protective equipment

Pakistan doctors beaten by police for asking protective equipment

Agency News

Doctors in Pakistan have accused police of brutally suppressing medical experts who protesting over working conditions.

One doctor who took part in a sit-in to protest against a lack of personal protective equipment said he had been “beaten and humiliated” by police.

“In the beginning, I thought, ‘How could police use violence against the frontline fighters of Covid-19 when some days ago the same officers had saluted us for leading during the pandemic?’” Guardian quoted doctor Amanullah as saying. He was talking to the media from the police station where he was being held in Quetta, in the Balochistan region. “But we were wrong. Sticks and butts of AK-47 rifles rained down on us. We were dragged through the street and thrown into trucks,” Amanullah continued.

He and about 60 other doctors were held in police detention overnight and only released at midnight on Tuesday. In the hospital where Amanullah works in the emergency ward, 16 doctors, including the head of the cardio department, have already been diagnosed with Covid-19. Many of the patients who he and other emergency ward doctors had treated for non-coronavirus issues have since tested positive for the virus.

However, doctors in the state-run hospital still have not been provided with PPE and other facilities. There are no isolation wards for doctors who have been infected.