Google is now listing COVID-19 testing centers in search results in US

Google is now listing COVID-19 testing centers in search results in US

Agency News

Google searches for terms related to COVID-19 will now display information for more than 2,000 COVID-19 testing centers across 43 states in the US, the company said.

A search for something related to COVID-19, searcher will now see a new “Testing” tab as part of the information shown in Google’s COVID-19 SOS alert. When you click or tap that Testing tab, you’ll see a number of resources regarding COVID-19 testing at the top of your search results.

Those include: a link to the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) online COVID-19 symptom checker, a suggestion to talk to a healthcare provider if you think you should be tested, a link to COVID-19 testing information from your local health authorities, and a note that you may need to call ahead to a testing center to make sure you can actually get a test.

The Testing tab will also show you information about specific testing centers unless you’re in Connecticut, Maine, Missouri, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Oregon or Pennsylvania, Google tells The Verge. That’s because Google is only surfacing testing locations that have been approved for publishing by health authorities, the company says. For the same reason, Google is only listing a single testing center located in Albany for the state of New York, but the company expects to add more New York listings soon.