COVID-19: Number of positive cases near 2 lakh in Spain

COVID-19: Number of positive cases near 2 lakh in Spain

Agency News

Madrid, Apr 19: The number of Novel Coronavirus patients in Spain has reached 195,944 and the death toll in the country currently stands at 20,453, the Spanish Health Ministry confirmed on Sunday.

According to the Health ministry, 4,218 new positive cases have been reported in the past 24 hours, while 410 deaths were reported within the same duration of time. Though compared to most other countries, these are very big numbers, yet compared to the Iberian nation's past statistics these mark a significant improvement.

The previous day's data from Spain showed 565 deaths in a day and 4500 more COVID-19 positive cases being reported. The Health ministry also confirmed recovery of 77,357 patients so far, which means that Spain currently has about 98,000 active cases.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on Saturday said that he would seek an extension of the nationwide lockdown, up to May 9. Spain currently ranks third in the world in terms of Coronavirus-related fatalities, after Italy and the United States. (UNI)