Covid-19: Merkel supports WHO after Trump stops funding

Covid-19: Merkel supports WHO after Trump stops funding

Agency News

Berlin, Apr 17: The German chancellor has extended her full support to the World Health Organisation(WHO) after the US President criticised and stopped funding for the UN health agency.

Deutsche Welle, on Thursday, quoted government spokesman Steffan Seibert conveying Merkel's statement stressing on the need for a "strong international response" as the only way to end the pandemic.

The US President had announced his decision to stop American funding of the WHO on April 14 accusing the body of failing to communicate the intensity of the threat from the Coronavirus and mismanaging the pandemic.

Apart from Angela Merkel, Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates, several US politicians and countries such as China and the United Nations also have extended support to the WHO and expressed their displeasure at Trump's decision. (UNI)