U.S. vs China
U.S. vs China

WHO parroting China that paves the way to disaster: White House

Agency News

The White House accused World Health Organisation(WHO) that was parroting China paved the way to Covid19 Pandemic disaster worldwide.

China claimed early that the virus wasn’t transmitted between humans and WHO propagated this idea and that caused developed countries to overlook the danger of the coronavirus initially.

Trump’s unfortunate move against the WHO could cost thousands of lives if it limits the organization’s ability to help vulnerable populations in places like Libya and Syria, according to an internal State Department assessment.

China also came heavily to the support of WHO, with Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian saying it “will weaken the WHO’s capabilities and undermine international cooperation.”

Earlier, Trump had chafed at the WHO’s early opposition to travel restrictions — a move he made to limit flights from China in late January — as well as Beijing’s refusal to allow U.S. scientists from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention early access to Wuhan, where the virus emerged.

The Associated Press reported Wednesday that it obtained internal documents showing Chinese officials waited six days in January before President Xi Jinping warned the public of the dangers of the coronavirus outbreak. The delay let millions of people travel from the epicenter in the city of Wuhan elsewhere in the country and the world, according to the report.

While China’s Zhao said he hadn’t seen the report, he added that Beijing updated the WHO in a “timely” manner and called accusations the government wasn’t transparent “unfair.”

But Trump’s decision also underscores the pressures facing global bodies, from NATO and the World Trade Organization to the United Nations and European Union. And many of those pressures are increasingly fueled by the rivalry between the U.S. and China.