Covid19 Coronavirus
Covid19 Coronavirus

UK death toll inches towards 10,000 due to corona

Agency News

London, Apr 12: The death toll of those hospitalized in Britain who tested positive for the novel coronavirus reached 9,875 as of Sunday morning, marking a daily increase of 917, the Department of Health and Social Care said Saturday.

As of Sunday morning, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Britain hit 78,991, said the department. The British government has published a nation-wide plan to ensure that critical personal protective equipment (PPE) is delivered to those on the front-line responding to COVID-19. The plan will provide clear guidance on who needs PPE and when they need it, ensure those who need it can get it at the right time and set out action to secure enough PPE to last through the crisis, according to a statement from the government.

A new national supply and logistics network has been created from scratch in a matter of weeks to manage supply and demand across Britain, and to make sure appropriate PPE reaches to those who need it. "We now have capacity for coronavirus tests for all key NHS (National Health Service) and social care staff across the country," Health Secretary Matt Hancock said Saturday on Twitter. UNI