Afghan Army kills three Taliban militants, injures 5

Afghan Army kills three Taliban militants, injures 5

Agency News

Kabul, Apr 12: At least three Taliban militants were killed and five were injured in a preemptive strike by the Afghan armed forces in Helmand province, the country's military announced on Sunday.

According to 215th Maiwand Corps, the military received notice that Taliban militants were planning an attack on security posts near the town of Gereskh. The Army launched an assault, resulting in death of three militants. Five other militants suffered injuries and one member of Taliban, who tried to flee during the attack, was captured by the Afghan military, according to a statement here.

The troops also deactivated 15 mines in the region, the military said. Violent clashes in Afghanistan continue, despite the signing of a peace deal between the Taliban and the US on February 29 that called for a reduction in violence in the country. The agreement was set to pave the way for the beginning of intra-Afghan talks between the militant group and the government, following the mutual release of prisoners, although negotiations have yet to start. (UNI)