US military kills 11 terrorists in Somalia

US military kills 11 terrorists in Somalia

Agency News

Washington, Apr 11: The US military conducted two airstrikes in Somalia and killed 11 al-Shabaab terrorists, the United States Africa Command confirmed on Friday.

In a statement here, the AFRICOM said, ''The command's initial assessment concluded the April 9 airstrike killed ten (10) terrorists and the April 10 airstrike killed one (1) terrorist.''

No civilians were injured or killed as a result of the airstrikes, it added.

The April 9 airstrike was conducted near the city of Kobon, while a day later, the US military struck terrorists located in the vicinity of Jilib, it said.

AFRICOM conducted both strikes in coordination with the federal government of Somalia, the statement added. Al-Shabab is widely considered to be the most active affiliate of the al-Qaeda terror group. (UNI)