Concern in Brazil over death of a tribal youth

Concern in Brazil over death of a tribal youth

Agency News

A tribal youth belongs to Yanomami has died in Brazil after testing positive for coronavirus, health officials have said.

This death has raised fears of a potential outbreak of Covid19 pandemic among the largest indigenous tribe in northern Brazil. There are more than 26,000 Yanomami live on Brazil's border with Venezuela on a reservation the size of Portugal. The combined strength of the whole indigenous people in Brazil come around 8,50,000.

Alvanei Xirixan, 15, who belongs to Yanomami tribe died on Thursday night in intensive care in the main hospital of Boa Vista, capital of Roraima state, according to the local indigenous health service Dsei attached to the Ministry of Health. Anthropologists and health experts warn that coronavirus could have a devastating impact on Brazil's indigenous people as the lifestyle in tribal villages rules out social distancing.

The Yanomami youth was the third indigenous person to die in the epidemic now sweeping Brazil with force. Two previous deaths were of indigenous people who were living in urban areas, including an 87-year-ol woman in Para state and man in Manaus.