Trump wishes Jewish community on Passover

Trump wishes Jewish community on Passover

Agency News

Washington, Apr 9: US President Donald Trump on Thursday extended his wishes to the Jewish people on the Passover -- one of the most widely celebrated Jewish holidays.

"Passover is truly the story of strength of the Jewish people and for the Jewish people. I want to wish everybody a Happy Passover", the President said in a video message on twitter.

He further said that this year is going to be different. "You won't be sitting tightly nit together in a temple, you'll be at your homes, you'll be helping our country frankly. We want to get together really soon. But one thing I have seen is tremendous unity as a nation", he said.

The Passover, or Pesach, holiday commemorates the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt under Moses and is considered one of the holiest times on the Jewish calendar. (UNI)