Covid19 cases in Saudi could touch 200,000: Health minister

Covid19 cases in Saudi could touch 200,000: Health minister

Agency News

Saudi Arabia expects COVID-19 cases in the country could go up to maximum 200,000.

Foreseeing such a huge crisis in upcoming days, Saudi has allocated an additional SR7 billion ($1.86 billion) to its healthcare budget. “According to the results of four different studies conducted by Saudi and international epidemiology specialists, numbers of cases in the coming few weeks are expected to increase by 10,000 at a minimum, and to 200,000 maximum,” Saudi Minister of Health Tawfiq Al-Rabiah said in a speech delivered on Tuesday.

He also said that if the current increase was maintained during the next four to 12 months, that he would guarantee the ministry’s readiness to deal with the virus with the highest standards and without overwhelming the health sector.

The minister stressed that all the proactive, strict precautionary measures taken by the government to eliminate the spread of the virus would reduce contact among people by 90 percent, and that the next period primarily depended on public cooperation and their commitment to authorities’ directives.