Cases in South Korea top 10,000

Cases in South Korea top 10,000

Agency News

South Korea reported 86 new coronavirus cases, taking the country’s tally to 10,062 so far, according to the latest data by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The country had five more deaths, with total fatalities now standing at 174, said KCDC.

The daily caseload has stayed around 100 for the past weeks, but small cluster infections and imported cases were still found. The number of imported cases was 508 in the past two weeks, according to the health authorities. About 92 per cent of the total were arrivals from overseas, and the remaining 8 per cent those infected by the arrivals.

Since April 1, the country has required all arrivals from overseas, regardless of nationality and region, to be placed under a mandatory quarantine for two weeks to help prevent the imported cases.

The compulsory two-week quarantine is aimed at blocking the entry for unimportant purposes, such as travel, and it has been applied to foreigners coming for a short stay. Visitors without local addresses here have been forced to stay in quarantine at the government-designated facilities at their own expense.