We are at war: French President Macron

We are at war: French President Macron

Agency News

After the death toll crosses 1,300, the French President Emmanuel Macron said: “We are at war. We’re only at the beginning, but we will persist.”

He was speaking from Mulhouse, a town in the hard-hit north eastern region of France. He said the whole of France was grateful to the health workers who were on the frontline "in a war against an invisible enemy".

"The whole nation is behind them and grateful. We pay homage every day. The nation is by their side at all times," he said, as he promised to launch a "massive investment plan" to "revalorise the hospital sector."

"We owe them that," he said. "They save lives. They do everything in their power," he added whilst commending their "exceptional courage".

He announced a huge investment plan for hospitals would be put in place but that health workers are paid more for all the overtime they putting in.

The president also thanked those on the "second line" - the supermarket workers, deliverers, cashiers, the workers who are keeping France functioning during the period of confinement.

Macron also thanked those “staying confined in their homes” for “slowing down the virus so that hospital workers can do their job.”

“Everyone has a role to play," he said.