Covid19: Germany succeeds in lowering lower death rate

Covid19: Germany succeeds in lowering lower death rate

Agency News

While many European countries turn into graveyards in Covid 19 pandemic, Germany could avoid massive deaths.

Germany registered 22 coronavirus deaths on Wednesday and 181 were the total deaths since the pandemic began, while Italy and Spain marked colossal demise.

The death rate in Germany is substantially lower than in other European countries, even though Germany has one of the highest numbers of confirmed cases at 32,991.

The lower death rate of Germany is baffling for health experts. In Italy, 9.5 percent of the people who have tested positive for the virus have succumbed to covid-19, according to data compiled at Johns Hopkins University. In France, the rate is 4.3 percent. But in Germany, it’s 0.4 percent. The biggest reason for the difference, infectious disease experts say, is Germany’s work in the early days of its outbreak to track, test and contain infection clusters, a Washington Post report said. That means Germany has a truer picture of the size of its outbreak than places that test only the obviously symptomatic, most seriously ill or highest-risk patients, the report added.

The highest number of infections in Germany has occurred in the 15-59 age group. The median age for those diagnosed with coronavirus in Germany is 47 years — below what’s considered the riskiest age group.