China to lift lockdown in Hubei Province

China to lift lockdown in Hubei Province

Agency News

BEIJING : China is re-opening some train stations and bus service as it lifts a lockdown in Hubei province to stem the spread of a new coronavirus.

The provincial railway group said stations would open in all cities except Wuhan on Wednesday. It said that train arrivals would resume in Wuhan on Saturday and departures on April 8.

Hubei has ended a lockdown for most of the province, allowing people who have passed health checks to leave for the first time in two months. The provincial capital of Wuhan, where the virus hit hardest, remains locked down until April 8.

A Hubei newspaper said some bus service would resume Wednesday in Wuhan and some subway lines on Saturday. Local transport has been shut down to keep people from moving around within the city.

The operator of three Hubei airports outside Wuhan said it had applied to restart flights.