Spain: Coronavirus claims over 500 lives in single day

Spain: Coronavirus claims over 500 lives in single day

Agency News

Madrid, Mar 24: The death toll due to coronavirus soared to 2696 in Spain as country witnessed another 514 deaths in just past 24 hours, Spanish Health Ministry confirmed on Tuesday. The confirmed cases increased to 39,373 from Monday's total of 33,089. Spain has become the world's fourth-largest COVID-19 hotspot, as the southeastern European country continues to struggle to summon the resources needed to treat the infected people, in a market, that has failed to supply everyone affected by the ongoing pandemic.

Neighbouring Italy is currently the epicentre of the outbreak in Europe, with more than 5,400 deaths and over 60,000 confirmed cases of the disease. Worldwide coronavirus or COVID-19, which originated from China's Wuhan, has infected almost 3,50,000 people in around 50 countries with more than 15,000 deaths. According to a CNN report, an ice rink, here, has been turned into a temporary morgue to keep the dead bodies of coronavirus victims.

Madrid is one of the epicenters of the epidemics in Spain. The president of the Madrid region, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, said last week that the city expects 80 per cent of its population to get COVID-19. "They will have mild symptoms," she told a local radio, but added that the illness will be a problem for the city's vulnerable population, which is around 15 per cent of people. (UNI)