Covid 19 Coronavirus
Covid 19 Coronavirus

Covid19 claims 6,077 lives in Italy

Agency News

Continuing its tragic death saga in Italy, the Covid19 claimed overall 6,077 deaths as of Tuesday.

Italy’s health ministry said as of 6 p.m. local time on March 23, there were a total of 63,927 confirmed cases in the country. The one-day rise in the number of new infections was the smallest increase for five days, Reuters reported earlier.

As it attempts to tackle the virus outbreak, the Italian government has practically shut down most of the country. Movements are restricted as people are only allowed outdoors on essential business. The restaurants, bars, cafes, and other public places are closed.

Recently all industrial production and almost all private and public offices were ordered to shut. Only what officials consider to be “essential products” are going to be developed.