Wedding plans grounded by Covid 19

Wedding plans grounded by Covid 19

Agency News

The wedding plan of Raphel (name changed) has gone awry after the outbreak of Covid 19. He had planned a Roman villa for his wedding, the guests are invited and their hotel rooms reserved.

But finally, he has to give up his wedding plan due to the horrifying incidents of death in Italy.

Many across the world are having a similar experience due to lockdown, social distancing, flight cancellations etc. The wedding plan of many has been spoiled by an uninvited guest - the coronavirus .

Wedding planners, who arranged heaven on earth for wedding parties, have gone jobless for a while. Italy- with seaside towns, rolling countryside, frescoed palazzos and churches oozing art and history- an top wedding destination, has become the graveyard of more than 5,000 due to coronavirus.

Kerala, the god’s own country, another great wedding destination is also losing business due to the extra cautious steps to contain coronavirus outbreak. His daughter's wedding was a dream for Shankar. He was preparing for a big bash in April. However, the spike in Covid-19 cases and the resultant restrictions imposed by the government have forced a change in plans.

Similar sentiments are shared by many families that have scheduled weddings in the months of March and April. Cancellations and postponements have adversely affected the wedding industry in Kerala. Most pre-wedding shoots have been cancelled.