Germany goes to contact ban

Germany goes to contact ban

Agency News

In order to contain the spread of coronavirus, Germany is going to the contact ban. On Sunday, Chancellor Angela Merkel had just announced the details of Germany’s new ‘contact ban’.

Citizens and residents are supposed to limit their contacts to others to a minimum and they should keep a distance of 1.5 to 2 meters (approx. 5 to 6.5 feet). Being outdoors with one person who lives in a different household, or with people who do live with the individual, is allowed. This is not an actual curfew.

People may go to work, to important appointments, to do training, take walks or work on “necessary tasks”, but people who gather or party with more than one person from different households will be fined. Restaurants may only sell takeout food, hairdressers and similar businesses have to close, companies need to follow strict hygiene rules.

As it turns out, agreeing on these nationwide rules the federal states intend to implement today was not that easy. According to participants of the online meeting, there was a loud argument between Bavaria’s First Minister Markus Söder and his colleague from North Rhine-Westphalia Armin Laschet who had criticized him for imposing a ‘contact ban’ in Bavaria without waiting for Berlin and the other federal states. Merkel had to intervene to pacify the arguing leaders.