Covid19: More than 1,000 Cases in Berlin

Covid19: More than 1,000 Cases in Berlin

Agency News

The capital city of Germany, Berlin, has reported 1,071 Coronavirus cases on Sunday night.

Ninety-four people in Germany have died from the virus so far. The number of dead is significantly lower than in several other countries with a comparable number of infected persons. On Saturday in the late morning, less than 48 hours ago, there had been 20,000 confirmed cases, last Thursday there were 15,000, on Tuesday 8,500.

In some of Germany’s federal states, including Berlin, the new contact ban is already in place. Since midnight, people outside might be asked for their “possible reasons” by police officers. There is a wide range of possibilities here. The individual might be on his or her way to work, to take a walk, to purchase medication or shop for food.

The example of Joshua Beedle, a young expatriate from England, proves the fact that the respiratory disease caused by the virus does not only hit elderly people, or those with pre-existing conditions, but also young, sporty individuals like him.

Joshua Beedle suddenly had problems breathing and called an ambulance. He was treated at a hospital in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district. After treatment his breathing is better, which is why he was sent home. But Beedle, who believes he contracted the virus in Berlin’s public transport, is still suffering from symptoms like fatigue and headaches. So it is clear that young, sporty individuals like him can also contract virus.