Covid19 Coronavirus
Covid19 Coronavirus

Covid19: Death toll climbs over 13,000

Agency News

Moscow, Mar 22: The death toll in the Covid19 jumped over 13,000 on Sunday, according to the Worldometer, a website that real-time statistics for diverse topics given by an international team of developers, researchers, and volunteer.

Around 13,068 fatalities have been taken place till Sunday morning. Infections from the COVID19 have gone up to 308257. Those who recovered discharged come around 95,828.

Italy on Saturday shut all non-essential factories after marking the highest single day death of 793 people, bringing its total fatalities to 4,825. US cases has mounted to at least 13,000 and the fatalities at least 176. Although China claimed the bulk of the world's coronavirus cases and deaths in the early stages of the outbreak, Europe has now become the region hit hardest, with Italy alone reporting more than 53,000 cases and 4,800 deaths. (Agency with input from UNI)