Chinese tourist packing their bags to come back to Thailand

Chinese tourist packing their bags to come back to Thailand

Agency News

As the infections start to subside in China, some groups of Chinese say they’re ready to pack their bags and start travelling again.

And Thai tourism officials say they they’re preparing for a return of Chinese tourists! Chinese tourists groups say they expect to resume their travels in April as the novel coronavirus (Covid19).

Thai tourism sector, which affect badly due to COVID19 outbreak, tries to wriggle out of this recession welcoming the tourists from China. Thai tourism officials say they are aiming to apply more safety and health administration programs to help operators enhance their ability to deal with the pandemic and assuring the safety for tourists.

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and Public Health Ministry say they are implementing regulatory outlines to raise the cleaning and hygiene standards of tourism services in tourist attractions such as hotels and restaurants.

“The program aims to win the confidence of tourists as they increasingly prioritise health and safety issues when choosing a destination. The TAT offices in China have also been assigned to monitor the safety manuals and practices of tourism attractions in the Thailand also creating more case studies to assuring consumer confidence.”

After getting results, the TAT will summarise them to the Public Health Ministry and come up with complete guidelines. The TAT will seek cooperation from state agencies to give incentives to operators who commit to keeping their employees or creating more job opportunities upon joining the program.

Meanwhile, the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) on Mar 19, issued guidelines for air operators that provide services to passengers travelling to the country. From Mar 22, foreign nationals wishing to visit Thailand will have to present a health certificate at the time of check-in to prove they pose no risk of COVID-19 infection.

Confusion over Thailand's new coronavirus curbs left travellers scrambling on Friday as Thai citizens queued at embassies abroad to get special travel papers and foreigners faced the challenge of producing a negative test for the disease.

But still, tourism industry in Thailand will leave no stone unturned to get back to old glorious days amid the coronavirus scare by rolling out red carpet to Chinese travellers.