China comes out of isolation

China comes out of isolation


After being in isolation for about two months, people in China have finally started to breathe the outside air after no new 'homegrown' cases were found in the country that became the epicentre of the deadly coronavirus last year. Several Twitter users have been taking to the micro-blogging site to express their happiness about how they feel to finally be outside and after having 'beaten the virus'.

A Twitter user who goes by the name of Shaun Rein on the social media site, posted pictures of streets, adorned with trees on both sides and captioned it, saying, 'Beautiful day for a run at my housing complex. Sky is blue, sun yellow and the flowers are blooming Best air I can remember for running in China - often I balance benefits of pollution from running outdoors No more.'

Meanwhile, some pictures depicting how normal social life is returning to China were also posted from an account by the name This Is Awesome science. The post read, 'Life in China right now! People out and about. Workers giving out pick-me-ups. Public messages. At the park to get outdoors (quarantine over, but masks are still worn to and from!). Starbucks maintaining distance and checking temperatures.'

Another post that was put up by an alleged primary school student said that China has beaten the virus and the people are now safe in the country. The post read, "I am a Chinese primary school student. I want to say this: the (virus) is not from China. Now China has beaten the virus. I'm in a small city in northeast China. We have done enough protection. This includes wearing a mask when outdoors and disinfecting frequently. We're safe here."

Meanwhile, the rest of the world is still battling the virus. According to Johns Hopkins University, the total number of positive COVID-19 cases have reached about 2,75, 434 worldwide. Italy has reported the largest number of deaths in connection with the virus. The death toll in the country has crossed 4000.