Trump says China could have ‘stopped’ Covid19

Agency News

Finding fault with China, President Donald Trump said that the coronavirus outbreak “could have been stopped” in China if they promptly share information to the world on time.

With this criticism, Trump further escalated his dispute with Beijing soon after he termed the coronavirus as ‘Chinavirus’. Trump is also facing mounting criticism over his own effort to stem the disease’s expansion across the U.S., reports news agency Bloomberg.

Trump aired his assessment at a news conference Thursday to discuss national outbreak-control efforts. The president again characterized the pathogen that causes Covid-19 as a “Chinese virus,” with the term “corona” crossed out with a marker in his prepared remarks and replaced with “Chinese.”

“If people would have known about it, it could have been stopped in place,” Trump said. “It could have been stopped right where it came from, China, if we would have known about it, if they would have known about it. But now the whole world, almost, is inflicted with this horrible virus.”