Covid19: Italian struggles to bury those who dead

Covid19: Italian struggles to bury those who dead

Agency News

Italy is struggling to bury those who dead due to the outbreak of COVID19. Italian province Bergamo, a hardest hit place by the Covid19 cannot smoothly manage the funeral service. Coffins awaiting burial are lining up in churches. Sometimes, due to the delay in funeral service, the corpses of those who died at home are being kept in sealed-off rooms for days.

Most of those who dead due to Covid-19 that comes around 2,978 across Italy were cremated without ceremony. Those who die in hospital do so alone, with their belongings left in bags beside coffins.

In Bergamo province only around 1,959 of the total deaths in the country have taken place. The death toll across the province is unclear.

The situation was volatile on Wednesday night the army was brought in to move 65 coffins from the cemetery. The area’s largest funeral director, has carried out almost 600 burials or cremations since 1 March.

There are about 80 funeral companies across Bergamo, each receiving dozens of calls an hour. A shortage of coffins as providers struggle to keep up with demand.