US-China spat over virus

US-China spat over virus


The US Secretary of State, Mr. Mike Pompeo, blasted China and Iran for the 'disinformation campaign' regarding the origin of the virus which according to him is 'designed to shift responsibility' over coronavirus.

Addressing a press gathering, Mr. Pompeo said it took an 'awfully long' time to become aware of this risk that was 'residing inside of China' adding that first government to be aware of the Wuhan virus was Beijing but it failed to raise the issue in a timely manner.

Mr. Pompeo’s statement comes after the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, Mr. Zhao Lijian, raised eyebrows with his allegation that the US army had brought the deadly coronavirus into China. Mr. Zhao failed to provide any concrete evidence but shared a link of an article published in a Canadian conspiracy website GlobalResearch or Centre for Research on Globalization.