Tourism in Thailand hit by Covid-19

Tourism in Thailand hit by Covid-19

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As more flights from China were cancelled, the airports emptied, Tourism, which sees normally 39 million tourists in a year, has got a backlash in the form of Covid-19.

Over the past 25 years, Thailand has experienced many backlashes such as economic crash (1997), a tsunami (2004), coups (2006, 2014), the occupation of its main international airport by protesters (2008) and serious political violence (2010).

But in 2019, Thailand has got 39 million tourists and a revenue of $60bn (£46bn). Out of the last year’s 39 million tourists, more than 10 million were Chinese.

So when the Chinese government quarantined the city of Wuhan on 23 January, and stopped all overseas tours, the impact was felt immediately in Thailand. Shopping malls and temples in Bangkok were suddenly much quieter and less crowded. For small-scale entrepreneurs, the collapse of Chinese tourism has been disastrous.