Spain imposes lockdown to fight coronavirus

Spain imposes lockdown to fight coronavirus

Agency News

Madrid, Mar 15 : Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has confirmed the 'State of Alarm' in Spain, announcing that the country will go into lockdown for 15 days from 0800 hrs on Monday morning in an attempt to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Sanchez confirmed the decision on Saturday in an address at 2100 hrs local time -seven hours later than originally announced, following an emergency cabinet meeting to agree on further measures against the virus.

He said the measures were taken to combat "a worldwide pandemic, and a social and health crisis", the local Spain reported. The lockdown closes bars, restaurants, cinemas, theaters and museums all over Spain as well as all shops expect pharmacies, food stores and those selling "essential" goods for at least 15 days. The government has also placed severe restrictions on citizens from making any journey, except for a small number of exceptions.(UNI)