Covid19- UK
Covid19- UK

Covid19: 21 deaths in UK; Number of patients tested positive soars to 1,140

Agency News

The death toll in the coronavirus COVID19 has been doubled overnight in UK with 21 deaths.

Spreading the COVID19 scare, the number of people who have tested positive for coronavirus in the UK has soared to 1,140.

The new figures were a stark jump from Friday's total, when it was announced that 798 people had contracted the virus and 11 had died. The updated count came just minutes before the US extended its European travel ban to include Britain, as the Republic of Ireland confirmed its second patient death.

Meanwhile, France and Spain are both set to enforce nationwide lockdowns in a bid to curb the pandemic's devastating spread. They join Italy – Europe's worst affected country – in implementing the drastic measures, after it reported its latest major surge in cases to more 21,000.