Palestine's COVID-19 count rises to 35

Palestine's COVID-19 count rises to 35

Agency News

Ramallah, Mar 13 : Palestine on Friday reported four new confirmed cases of COVID-19, taking the total number of people afflicted with the contagious ailment to 35.

According to Palestinian government spokesman Ibrahim Milhem, four positive cases of Novel Coronavirus were reported in Bethlehem. While a total of 34 cases were confirmed at Bethlehem, a single case was confirmed at Tulkarem. The virus reportedly started spreading in the West Bank after a Greek tourist group visited the pilgrim center. It is believed that a person in the group was infected, which led to spread of the disease in Palestine, a statement issued by the government, confirmed here.

The country has already declared a state of emergency over the outbreak of the disease. Palestinian authorities are racing against time to contain the spread of the disease, as they shut down the entire district of Bethlehem and constructed a specialised hospital, to deal with the cases related to COVID-19. Currently, more than 2,000 Palestinians are quarantined in Bethlehem and Jericho. (UNI)