COVID-19 cases mounts to 126 in Israel

COVID-19 cases mounts to 126 in Israel

Agency News

Tel Aviv, Mar 13 : A total of 17 Israel national were tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the country to 126, country's Ministry of Health said. Of the 126 cases, 104 are treated in 16 hospitals across Israel with two of them in serious condition.

In addition, 19 patients, including a 6-monthold baby, are treated at home, while the remaining three have recovered. The ministry's figures also show that 2,479 Israeli healthcare workers currently undergo quarantine after being in contact with confirmed coronavirus patients. The nation’s schools and universities were also closed as of Friday morning until further notice, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on the public to “refrain as much as possible from gatherings in general.”

Though preschools and kindergartens had been set to open, Haaretz reported that hundreds of teachers in those institutions had called in sick, in an apparent protest at the decision not to keep them shut as well. (UNI)