Vietnam farmers’ unsold dragon fruits due to coronavirus turn into yummy pink bread

Vietnam farmers’ unsold dragon fruits due to coronavirus turn into yummy pink bread

Agency News

A bakery in Vietnam stole the limelight of media for baking a range of yummy pink breads from tons of dragon fruit which remained unsold after the country closed border with China following coronavirus outbreak.

As the pink breads baked from dragon fruit became an instant hit in Vietnam, the dragon fruit farmers who have been struggling due to the piling up of unsold dragon fruit became happy. For this twist of fate, farmers are ready to thank Kao Sieu Luc, the founder of ABC Bakery, the brain behind the pink break.

Vietnam farmers who were riding to a huge crisis due to unsold dragon fruit heaved a sigh of relief seeing the magic products made by Kao Sieu Luc such as pink bread, prink buns and pink cakes. All these products turned a huge hit among its customers.

Sieu Luc came to know about the huge stockpile of unsold dragon fruit in Vietnam after the coronavirus outbreak in China. He heard about the struggles of farmers from Vinh Long and Long An area as they could not sell their red dragon fruit after Vietnam closed its borders with China due to coronavirus. As an experiment to save the farmers, he eventually began to bake dragon-fruit centric goods. After his pink break turned success he can able to provide 60,000 dong per kg instead of 40,000 dong for farmers produce. Farmers who were planning to dump their unsold fruit as garbage felt it as a huge relief.

Inspired by the success of initial products, Sieu Luc developed various recipes using dragon fruit and the baguette, a subtly flavoured pink loaf was also a big hit. He came out with new pink baked goods such as dragon fruit buns with yam, dragon fruit cake, dragon fruit buns with durian filling etc as the stock pile of dragon fruit was huge.

In the last three weeks, the ABC bakery chain has used more than 66,000 pounds of dragon fruit for making pink baked goods.